Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Cluckin Good Egg Sandwhich

I had a serious craving for chicken cutlets the other night, it was an 8 out of 10 on the Serious Craving scale. What does SM do when he has a craving? That's right, he fulfills it: trimmed, egg-bathed, crumbed, baked...boom cutlets. These were decent cutlets, but no where close to the ones that D cranks out (Ill give them a 7.5 on the Cutlet Meter).

There is one thing about cutlets that I'm sure all of you know, they are not as good the next day...cutlets need to be eaten fresh. I did however improvise on the day old cutlets, since I knew ESW was coming up, I decided to take it down. I'd like to introduce:

The Cluckin Good Egg Sandwich:

2 Cutlets
3 Eggs, beaten...not scrambled
2 Slices of White American
Hot Sauce
Toasted WW Bread

It was a pretty heavy sandwich, not going to lie, but I took it down with ease.

Always remember:
It is not wise to sublet your cutlet.

Pleasant Manging,

Serious Meat

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