Sunday, February 7, 2010

The SOBO - Central Deli - Florida, NY

Like a few other sandwiches already mentioned during breakfast week, the SOBO is a sausage, 2 egg, and cheese with potatoes and hot sauce on an onion roll that Serious Meat enjoyed on Saturday morning.  After 2 bites Serious Meat burst with the excitement, "This is the best egg sandwich around!"  I have never eaten at this place, by the looks of the inside of it and the quality of their product that I saw coming across the counter and within the showcases, I can tell it is a good deli.  The rolls looked great, they use Boarshead coldcuts and the place was very clean.  I also saw a couple of familiar faces working there that use to work at Monroe Bagels and Deli (MBD) of Monroe, NY.  MBD is no longer in business as the owner has moved up to New Hampshire and is in the process of opening Big Daves Bagels & Deli. Hopefull Dave will submit some posts about the quality product he is pushing up north.

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  1. It should be called acc, artery clogging crap!