Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Breakfast Stevewich - Cheechman's Grilled BECC

"Yo Smalls, can you make me an egg sandwich?"  Is the question my younger brother Cheechie will ask me  either Saturday or Sunday morning on weekends, but never before 10:30, that I spend at my parents house.  A few weeks ago I made him a Grilled Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and Egg on wheat bread on the griddle.  Grilling bread on a griddle with some butter is much better than toasting it.  It adds an additional layering of flavor and gives the chance for everything to come together in the sandwich that a toaster cannot provide.  This method of sandwich making is known as a "Stevewich" in our kitchen.  Not really sure how it happened, but I know Serious Meat had named it years ago after the great Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

After a few bites of the sandwich you hear Serious Meat ask, "Yo, can I get a bite of that?"  After some bickering and name calling, Serious Meat usually gets a bite, depending on how cranky Cheech is.  Cheechman doesn't have the same appreciatoin for food as Serious Meat and I do, so he doesn't really understand the whole blogging concept.  I can accept that and have decided to dedicate this post to him anyway because he loves egg sandwiches.


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