Thursday, February 4, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is always a great meal, especially when it includes bacon and a burger.  BG was thinking this last week when he met up with some friends for dinner.  Well done BG....

"Been on a recent diet kick as of late, I'm squaring off against Sensei Timmy, who can lose the most weight as a % of our beginning weight by the end of March. I've done pretty well in eating well and working out, but last night I went out with some friend from O-Town and this happened.....

We stopped at Prime 16, which is an excellent burger/beer bar in downtown New Haven. They have a number of specialty burgers, the Latino burger looked intriguing with Chorizo sausage ground into the beef patty with a jalapeno relish, but they also have a large number of toppings so you can make your own burger. I was weighig my options and saw that fried eggs were a potential topping and decided on a bacon, egg and cheeseburger. The fried egg was delicious, with a runny yolk that was deliciouslly messy. The bacon was thick and chewy, and there was a big slab of cheddar on top. The beef patty was very good, they definitely used good quality beef, and the bun was soft which is a plus. They also have pretzel rolls which my buddies had and raved about, but I just wasn't feeling it that night. The fries were also amazing, having truffle oil and parmesean cheese on them, very very good.

Prime 16 is a great place, they always have a rotating list of beers on tap, had 3 different beers and they were all great. If you are ever in New Haven looking for some great burgers, definitely give it a try. - BG out, and still stuffed"

Sunny side up egg is clutch.

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