Saturday, February 6, 2010

TSEC - Corp. Cafeteria

This is probably the best egg sandwich that I have had so far from the cafeteria downstairs.  It was two eggs, cheese and turkey sausage on a toasted roll with ketchup and black pepper.  I learned my lesson from the last roll I had from the cafeteria (cloud like)  and made sure I asked to have it toasted.  I was expecting him to run it through the conveyor belt toaster, but instead, he split the roll in half and pressed it open face on the grill press.  Nice move on his part.  I gave this egg sandwich an 'A'  for the toasted roll and the runny yolk.  It would be an A+, but the lack of fat and added health benefit of turkey sausage  held it back to an A.

Nice grill marks.

I think it is trying to say something.

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