Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Showdown: Country Cow vs. Commack Breakfast

Phil #14 needs no introduction, here are his results from his NY vs CT Breakfast Sandwich Showdown...

"After seeing breakfast sandwich week advertised on lunch o’clock, I was ready to make trips to my two favorite breakfast places for a showdown: Commack Breakfast (NY) vs. Country Cow Deli (CT).

Living in both states for a considerable amount of time, I will say that for most aspects of quick and unhealthy food, NY crushes CT (Pizza, bagels, delis, hot dogs, etc.). Which in my opinion is mainly because CT is very top-heavy. It’s like that girl with amazing cans but a backside that caves in and teeth that make Michael Strahan look like an orthodontist. There’s just too much bad that outweighs the good. The analogy holds true for breakfast sandwiches. CT has been inconsistent in my time here. I’ve seen too much bread, limp bacon, terrible bagels, and I’ve even seen the dreaded microwaved egg. Whereas in NY, you can get a pretty decent breakfast sandwich anywhere you go. However, can the best in CT stack up to the best in NY? Now onto the competition:

To make sides equal, I went with my go-to combo - bacon, egg, and cheese with home fries, salt & pepper. No ketchup (cardinal sin when eating a high-quality breakfast sandwich). I don’t prefer my egg runny on a sandwich, and I know this is a difference of opinion for a few blog readers. Note that these places are veterans in the game and will cook your egg with the precision of a Jedi knight.

Commack Breakfast: Pretty unique place as all its business comes from breakfast (hence the name). They serve lunch as well, but it doesn’t mean anyone actually gets it. It’s like seafood at the diner – its on the menu, but no one touches it. Although only about 10 square feet, the friendly staff and consistent food make this establishment a Commack landmark. Now onto the sandwich. Great amount of egg to cheese ratio, maybe a little too much on the home fries, but all ingredients were top-notch. The sandwich was neatly packed, used the classic poppy seed Kaiser roll, and the bacon was crisp. The kicker was you can really taste the salt and pepper. Grade: 9/10.

Country Cow Deli: Referred to by regulars as just “the Cow” and pretty much the reason I wrote this post, I knew it would take Commack Breakfast on their best day and the Cow on its worst to pull the upset. I specifically remember the first time I was introduced to the Cow by my buddy Ray, who said to put the home fries on the sandwich. I was skeptical at first, but the rest is history. Ray actually crashed his car while backing out of the Cow’s parking lot that morning. Barely taking notice, the three of us in the back seat, with our taste buds in awe of this culinary masterpiece, continued to eat until completely finished. Fast forward to last week and again, another satisfied customer. The home fries really make the sandwich. They are mixed with a few onions and peppers which are a great addition. Everything else is damn near perfection. The best. Period. Family owned, friendly staff, and the Mexican guys that man the grill must use some special ingredient to make the sandwiches taste this good. And no, I don’t want to know what it is. Grade: 10/10

So that’s it. While both were amazing, it is Country Cow Deli in Fairfield, CT that holds the crown for the best breakfast sandwich in my eyes. I used to frequent this place in college, and their product is enjoyed best while hungover. I also recommend the steak egg and cheese or if you are feeling up to it, the steak, bacon, egg, cheese, and homefries on a wedge, double everything – the true lumberjack special."

Till next time,

Phil #14


Country Cow Deli: 2505 Blackrock Turnpike, Fairfield CT

Commack Breakfast: 95 Commack Rd., Commack, NY (Long Island)


  1. Great review! I've posted a link to this post on my blog. Cheers!

  2. A customer just told us about this site/review and as the Owners of The Cow we would like to say THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME REVIEW!!!!! Hope you don't mind that we'll share this link on our facebook page! ..... Pete & Kathy

  3. Don't mind at all, we like the recognition as much as you do.

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