Friday, January 8, 2010

The Meat Platter...

Here is a post that I had submitted to the Sandwich Mansion a during the summer and figured I would share it on my own blog...

"I bring to you a party staple and a must, the meat platter. In some ways I prefer the meat platter over the 3-6 footer. Nothing chaps my ass more than walking up to the footer and see it mangled. The tops of the bread are left behind, people peeling off the meat they dont like, and the lactose intolerant leaving behind the cheese. With the meat platter, the sandwich is at the discretion of the craftsman.

This meat platter was hand rolled by myself and my girlfriend at a party up in Johnson City, NY. Serious Meat was in attendance, but he was performing keg stands and challenging people to arm wrestling matches while this roast beef, turkey, ham, salami, provolone, and american cheese orgy was being constructed. In addition to the platter, there were various types of rolls, rye bread, and this amazing cheese bread from Wegmans.  Big Ups to Bill Opper."

For an added bonus I included an addition platter that was not part of the Sandwich Mansion Post above.

Phil #14 sent in this photo of a meat platter that his family enjoyed during Christmas.  It looks like a really good italian meats spread for a which includes: ham, mortadella, salami, gabagool, provolone cheeses, and some mutz wrapped with prosciutto along side an olive platter with some roasted peppers.  The kicker is that Phil #14 is Cuban, which he claims are the Cadillacs of Hispanics.  Shout out to the Corona Light  in the top left corner.

Mr. Espinosa going in for the kill.

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  1. One thing to ad, these were up there with some of the best stuffed olives I have ever had, great spicy bread-crumb mixture in there. I will admit to having about 6 of them.