Monday, January 25, 2010

Garden Catering - Stamford, CT

Billy Kriewald breaks down a Stamford favorite, Garden Catering.  Personally I think GC is a great place and prefer the High Ridge location even though they don't have seating.  The breakfast sandwiches are real good, especially the "Hotsy", which will be posted in the future.  For lunch though, when I am not in the mood for a High School Special I go with the Nugget Wrap which is awesome.  Also, when I get the Special I get it with a mix of cones and fries.  Billy pulled a rookie mistake and just had fries.   Cones are these cone shaped mashed potatoes deep fried.  They have a nice outer crust with hot mashed potatoes on the inside.

If you are looking for a healthy meal, Garden Catering isn't really the place.  They do offer salad and grilled chicken, but who would want that over some of the more greasy and delicious menu options.  If you are looking for a rather inexpensive lunch that will fill you up and make you feel good about your eating habbits, then Garden Catering is the place.  If you have never been to one, I highly recommend you try is as soon as possible.  Start with the HS Special with a mix of fries and cones, then work your way around the rest of the menu as you continue to go back.

Here is what Billy thinks of Garden Catering...

"This is a lower fairfield county hotspot, and definitely an excellent choice for a lunchtime visit. Probably one of my top 5 places for a quick inexpensive meal overall, garden catering boasts 3 locations in stamford (high ridge, main street, and one in the glenbrook section). The special (formally the high school special) is a great option for $7, including 1/2lbs of amazing golden brown chicken nuggets, a generous portion of fries, and soda. While the nuggets are my favorite option in the boss configuration (1lbs of nuggets instead of 1/2lbs for $10) as seen in the picture below, the fried chicken is another excellent option, the nuggets wrap, and the other deli options are very good as well. Not much more to this lunch spot other than make sure you get extra seasoning and the honey mustard sauce."

- Billy Kriewald

The Boss - 1 lb. of nuggets and fries.

Nugget Wrap - Chicken Nuggets, Cones, Fries, Chili, and Cheese.


  1. Hey guys thanks for the review. Hopefully it was ok that I just posted this link on our facebook page. I included a quick plug for your blog as well... Good job with the pics!- Frank from Garden Catering

  2. That pic of the "high school special" looks awesome! I can torture alot of people that I know that have moved out of town and can't get to it anymore! I would love permission to post the pic on my group page...please :-)
    darlene (cos cob, CT)

  3. If you get a little horny after eating one in Glenbrook you can just hop upstairs and get a quick tug at Lotus...You know thats whats going on up there

  4. Not a problem. We appreciate the recognition as much as you guys do.

    The picture is compliments of William Kriewald and I do not have a problem with you using it. It would be great if you could link it back to the blog.

    -Lunch Pail