Friday, January 1, 2010

"The Benchmark" - What Jared Didn't Eat at Subway

After receiving some sub par sandwich creations from Subway, Quiznos, and Pot Belly in 2009, I figured I would establish a benchmark for 2010 as to what qualifies as a legit fast food deli sandwich.  The $5 footlong is a great idea for Subway.  It is pretty large meal, at a cheap price, that will fill you up for lunch, but it is not satisfying.  There is little meat in the sandwich, so the resort to filling it with lettuce and other topping creating more of a handheld salad than a sandwich. 

A couple of months ago, Serious Meat and I decided to create real Subway sandwiches, which Jared only wishes he could have eaten.  I named mine "The Benchmark".  I warned the gentlemen behind the counter that this was going to be a big sandwich, and started my order.  12 inch wheat, buffalo chicken, steak, those imitation bbq rib patties (they are good, but do not compare to the McRib), and american cheese.  This sandwich clucked, oinked, and moo'd.  Moving down the line I went with tomatoes, pickles, and southwest chipotle sauce, toasted.  As the man was finishing the final touches of the "The Benchmark" he turned to his co-worker and said. "Muy Grande, eh"  and laughed.  When it came out of the toaster he asked if I was staying or going.  After telling him I will be eating there, he thanked me because he said he would not know how to wrap this thing.  The final price of The Benchmark was $12.56, but it was a delicious $12.56. 

Ironically, GRPD sent me a picture of his $13 subway family meal that he ordered a few weeks ago.  He asked not to post it, but I said that I could use it for a Subway post that I was drafting at the time.  I thought it was interesting how much better a $13 sandwich looks than a $13 meal.

The benchmark has been set for future fast food sandwich posts (Subway, Quiznos, Blimpie, etc.).  Feel free to submit any of your creations that match or exceed the benchmark.

-Lunch Pail

The Benchmark. 13...$13...$13 Footlong.


$13 family meal, 2 foot longs, 2 cookies, XL drink.


  1. My new years resolution is to stop eating two meals at lunch. Perfect oportunity to try the Benchmark, looks delicious.


  2. Your new years resoltion should be to top the benchmark. A benchmark is the minimum, mediocrity is not acceptable at Lunch O'Clock.