Monday, January 11, 2010

Sushi 101

Seegs and I decided to make our own sushi rolls for dinner on New Year's Eve and it turned out to be quite the experience.  It was definately much harder than it seemed and I do not think I will be hired as a sushi chef any time soon. 

We used sushi grade tuna, salmon, and red snapper, king crab legs, avacado, and cucumber to make a spicy tuna and spicy salmon, tuna and avacado, salmon and avacado, california rolls, and snapper and cucumber rolls.  In total it we used about 2.5 lbs of fish including the crab leg shells and 4 cups of uncooked sushi rice made about 10 rolls.

The rolls tasted fine, the presentation and look of the rolls was the problem.  The first roll that we each made was a disaster.  Sarah was able to improve with each roll andby the end hers actually looked like something that you would order from a restaurant.  Mine on the other hand continued to look like Lindsey Lohan after a rough night.  I blame it on my sausage fingers.

After the cost and effort for making this dinner I think it is almost easier to just go out and buy it already prepared.

- Lunch Pail

Here are the rolls that were made first.  Some look good, some look awful.

Round 2, the bottom left look professional and most of mine have too much rice.

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