Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Gasm - Se Port Deli - East Setauket, NY

Phil #14 is ringing the new year with The Gasm from Se Port Deli in East Setauket, NY.  Looks awesome, but be sure to stay away from black lights after eating it.

Here is what Phil had to say....
"Since I had a solid two weeks off for the holidays, I carefully mapped out a few places that I had to eat while I was home in long island. Unfortunately, I did not snag photos of all my meals, but I did promise a write up on this particular deli.

Me, my cousin Pete, and his fiancée Laura met up last week to grab some lunch at the Se-Port Deli in East Setauket, NY. This place is a good 30-35 minutes east of my house, but the trip is well worth it. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the smell once you walk in the doors just makes you feel like you made the right decision. A lot of times, you can get a good feeling about how your deli experience will pan out just from the smell when you walk in. If it smells like a florist, you should probably walk out the door, and if it smells like spoiled egg drop soup, you should also probably walk out. Upon walking into this sandwich haven, the smell of crisp bacon, garlic bread, and quality meats filled the air. Now it was decision time. The place is known for having a bunch of great pre-selected sandwich specials on the menu, and we all went with one of their staples, the “Gasm”. Pretty much everyone with an IQ over 28 can understand what the name is short for. The “Gasm” consists of the following: Breaded chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella, crisp bacon, coleslaw, and russian dressing, all on a nicely toasted garlic hero. The sandwich comes with the side of mac/potato salad/coleslaw and a pickle. Also, we made sure to wash it down with their signature homemade iced tea. In a nutshell, the sandwich lives up to its name, which I found out the hard way. From now on I will get this sandwich to go, as the contrary result can be quite embarrassing. Even if you belong in a mental institution and don’t enjoy coleslaw on a sandwich (Joe Keary aka H.I.T.B.), there are so many great combinations on the menu at this establishment. To top it off, the guy taking orders labeled me a murderer when I asked for a knife, so bring the kids, 10/10 for safety.

To finish, I’ll make a bold statement, this is one the best, if not THE BEST deli I’ve eaten at. All the sandwiches are neatly packed and their combinations are amazing, I would highly recommend it if you are in the area. It is close to the Bridgeport/Port Jeff ferry from CT so it makes for a nice pit stop if you are ever making that trip."
- Sire Phil #14
The Gasm

Store Front

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