Thursday, January 7, 2010

Franco's Pizza - Harrisonburg, VA

On his drive back home for holiday break from Oklahoma State Univ. my old college roomate Wes decided to make a pit stop in Harrisonburg, VA, the home of The University of James Madison, to see some old friends and get some pizza at Franco's.
Franco's would be considered good pizza in the Tri-State area, but it is considered excellent pizza for VA standards.  Franco was a friendly guy and was originally from one of the buroughs, I can't remember which one, so the pizza was New York Style.  I would go there about once a week for pizza and my go to was a slice of buffalo chicken and a slice of plain.  When I was not in the mood for pizza, I would usually get a chicken parm roll.
I would like to thank Wes for stopping at Franco's and providing us with an old JMU favorite.

Chicken Ranch Slices with the addition of some red pepper flakes.  Nice touch.

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