Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fraiche Burger - Bridgeport, CT

Another classic lunch that GRPD and his team enjoyed about a month ago while working in Bridgeport.  Like most of his lunches shared on this blog, GRPD had trouble eating one thing.  This lunch included breakfast, lunch, and 16 ouncer.  Nothing like a Colt 45 to wash down greasy, mediocre, bar food.

"Hank spotted a burger joint near Subway on one of his lunch runs. So we decided to investigate. It's called Fraiche Burger. It looked deceptively good from the outside, apparently they make their burgers from 100% Black Angus Beef from the farms of Kansas. When they told me they serve egg sandwiches all day I was sold and happy as a pig in sh!t.  I should have heeded the warning of Colt 45 before ordering this meal.  The kosher hot dog I ordered came out looking and just about tasted like one of those 'Mobile on the Run' dogs that have been sitting around for a few weeks. Also, I ordered it with raw onions and didn't get any.  The egg sandwich was actually pretty good and it came with a free coffee. 

The burger was way over done for my liking and didn't come with a pickle. Hank ordered two of these w/o pickles. Maybe I would have a different opinion about this place had he not pulled the switch on me.  He seemed to enjoy them. Hank also had fries, an apple (not from Fraiche) and some chocolate chip cookies from Subway that he picked up while getting Jared's subs (figures, J-Rod went with Subway). To Hank's credit he did share the cookies.

Lesson learned: don't order hot dogs from places that don't primarily do hot dogs."


Gotta love the Greek style coffe cup.


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