Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diamond in the Rough - The Clark White Diamond

Another great post from Snee's hometown of Clark, NJ.  This burger looks awesome, and I will take his word for it that it is the best.  I am thinking I will need to take a trip down there soon for a day-night double header of Galloping Hill Inn and the Clark White Diamond.

"Seeing that I was born and raised in Clark, NJ...I've been exposed to a greasy burger joint known as The Clark White Diamond my whole life. While people now label "Sliders" as those small burgers you can eat in one bite, these are REAL sliders. Sliders, by the definition that I was taught, are greasy burgers that enter your mouth, and "slide" right into the toilet. Going by THAT description, these burgers are the best that I've ever had in that category.

They have small or large burgers, which is silly because who in their right mind would order a small, but I ordered a large double cheese, fries, and a Pepsi. The burger itself is delicious, freshly made to order, and if you had the munchies you could probably eat a thousand of them. My only complaint was that I should have ordered extra cheese because there wasn't enough.'s topped with grilled onions and pickles, which is what I believe puts it over the top. They serve crinkle cut fried which, as previously discussed, are a huge plus. They also have awesome Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches too, among a few other things but if I'm going there, I don't bother ordering anything else.
During the day, it's a quiet place on a very busy intersection...on a Friday or Saturday night, forget it. It's a madhouse. A combination of old drunks, people coming back from clubs or bars, and high school kids on their first ever bender. More fights happen here than at a Manchester United soccer match, which is entertaining in itself...but the burgers are always the highlight."

- Snee

Eat that Sanchise

The Clark White Diamond.  Open infinity hours since 1947.

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