Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bistek A Lo Pobre - Fiesta Restaurant - Stamford, CT

Here is a lunch recently taken down by Peter from Fiesta Restaurant on Atlantic St. in Stamford.  I drive past this place everyday and never had the urge to even try it.  Based on this meal Peter had I might have to stop for a taste one of these days.  After eating this lunch, Peter's cholesterol pumped up a few points.

"My buddy from San Diego was in town for the Holidays and he wanted to hit up this Peruvian restaurant he used to frequent when he worked in Stamford. I get a text at 11 asking if I wanted to meet him for lunch at 12:30, to which I immediately replied yes. Sure enough, as it was getting closer to lunch time, I received more texts that he was running late. When everything was said and done, it was 1:30 before we sat down to order our lunch. I was obviously starving by that time so I was ready to destroy anything that would be put in front of me. In the past, I would settle for an above average portion of chicken or beef with veggies, which goes for around $8, but this day I went for the Holy Grail...The Bisteck A Lo Pobre($15)! This monster of a lunch was delicious as well as visually satisfying. As soon as the waitress plops it in front of you, there is a moment of fear, followed by a sudden sense of determination! To no surprise, I housed this meal, along with
2 glasses of water and 3 small pieces of bread. This is a meal fitting for GRPD, who is known for combining different types of food into a meal most people won't even attempt to eat!"

- Peter

Bisteck A Lo Pobre - Salad, Rice, French Fries, Fried Plantains, topped by a Grilled Pepper Steak, and finished off with 2 fried eggs

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  1. You should keep your stomach on it's toes. Throw it a curve ball here and there. I'll have to try this after my biggest loser competion with Hank. 46 more days.