Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning Dumpling

People usually hate Monday mornings and I can understand why, especially today with the horrible weather teamed up with a Jets loss in the AFC Championship.  Sometimes though life will give us a suprise and a smile on a Monday morning.  Today, my suprise was dumplings.  I went into the kitchenette at work to get some water this morning when I noticed some foil out on the counter.  I looked them over and thought they were dumplings, but second guessed myself about why there would be homemade dumplings out at 9:30 am.  There was only one way to figure out what they were.  I took one and ripped in half and revealed what seemed to be some ground up chicken and garlic...CHOWTIME!!  I ate it and it was actually pretty good.  Then I realized they were probably out on the counter since saturday afternoon when the tax team was here working this weekend.  It has been an hour and I feel ok, so I think I should be good for the day.

Keep your heads up Jets fans and miserable Monday morning commuters, you never know when you will find some unexpected dumplings.

Monday Morning Dumplings

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  1. You ate random dumplings from your jobs cafeteria?

    GEORGE COSTANZA aka Lunch Pail