Thursday, January 14, 2010

Triple Decker Buffalo Pizza

All Wes wanted for Christmas was a Triple Decker Buffalo Pizza...

"After a 20 hour car drive back to PA, all I wanted was this pizza. I called my brothers fiance, Fania, and she got to work on it as I was about an hour outside of town. She utilized my favorite pizza shop in Hershey, Jo-Jo's for the monumental pizza. This epic pizza consisted of a ham pizza topped with boneless buffalo wings, then topped with a sausage pizza layered with more boneless buffalo wings, covered with a pepperoni pizza and drizzled in ranch. It was a meat lovers delight, too bad for the ham or the Jewish community could not partake in this feast as well. It was delicious, my brother and I could only manage one and a half slices each during the Eagles game. This will become a holiday tradition that I think everyone should have."

- Wes

Some nice layering.

View from the blimp.

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