Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2nd Look at Fratelli's Market

Same deli, different customer, same result.  H.I.T.B and Peter Koutroubis took a trip to Fratelli's Market in Stamford a few weeks back after reading Phil #14's post about Isabella's italian Combo at Fratelli's.  Harry even changed it up a little bit and went with an interesting sandwich coupled with a rice ball.  I heard of slicing up the stuffed peppers to top your sandwich, but never eating a whole sandwich of them (based on the picture, there is a minimum of a half dozen peppers on the sandwich).  In his post Harry boasts how he ate a sandwich that would not "leave you sleeping at your desk", but he forget to mention, rather than sleeping, you will have plenty time to catch up on some reading material on the throne.  At least he was smart enough to get some rice in his system to help minimize the after shock.

Here is what Harry had to say about Fratelli's....

"I went here with (Peter) Koutroubis and Neil Korotkin and he got the Isabella's special. It was exactly that...special. I decided on a more unconventional sandwich (Stuffed Pepers w/ Imported Provolone). The peppers were stuffed with provolone cheese and prosciutto di parma. This sandwich is phenomenal and doesn't leave you sleeping at your desk. For this very reason, I also mange'd a meat riceball. Fratelli Market does good riceballs, thick and cheesy with just enough meat and sauce to go around. I shared my prize with Peter and Neil and after a taste, these guys were about to go up for one if we didnt have to get back to work."

- H.I.T.B

Like I said earlier, minimum of 6 peppers.  Nice touch of splitting the rice ball and covering it in sauce and grated cheese.  I don't know what has more meat, Harry's giant hand or the Isabella's below.

Nice to see the Peter can part ways with the traditional Greek meals from time to time and enjoy the good stuff, like an Isabella's Special.

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