Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lamb Shawafel - Layla's Falafel, Stamford, CT

The other day I met up with Harry In the Blind at Layla's Falafel at their downtown location in Stamford, CT.  Hands down, Layla's is awesome and the people that work their are great.  It wasn't until recently that I ate Middle Eastern food such as falafel and shwarma and I must say that I am glad I have expanded my horizons and started to eat it.  I haven't been here in a while and the last time I was there I didn't remember.  I had the great idea of walking a few doors down from the bar I was at and ordered something delicious.  I dont know what it was exactly, but the people that saw me eating it on the sidewalk told me that I looked like I was enjoying it.  I tend to order the lamb when I go here because I usually order chicken everywhere else and lamb is a meat I love and do not eat that much.  There is the option of a plain falafel, but why eat vegiterian when you can get a regular falafel topped with lamb shwarma known as Lamb Shawafel, pictured below.  Now I'm not to sure what shwarma is, but I know it has a great garlic sauce and pickles and it is awesome.  I always order mine with hummus, tahini, and extra hot sauce and garlic sauce on the side.  The texture of the rotisserie lamb against the fried falafel is a great combo. 

I see myself posting additional lunches and dinners from Layla's in the future because the food there is that good.  Feel free to post your favorite dishes from Layla's or any other middle eastern eateries that you enjoy.

- Lunch Pail

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  1. Had the lamb Shwarfal last week, amazing flavor combinations and really well packed into the wrap. The thing that really astounded me though was how well the wrap held the ingredients, and how despite being so full, it never fell apart. I'm eager to try the platters, they have a bunch of great looking sides. Complimentary Hummus upon entering is a huge plus, not a huge fan of the pita chips though, despite being fresh they came off slighly greasy.