Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pink's Hot Dogs of Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA

Thom Carvette, who donned himself T$, makes his debut with a Hot Dog Week review of Pinks Hot Dogs of Hollywood.  Thom spent some time out in LA over the summer and visited Pink's a couple of times.  I will have to disagree with him about the "snap" factor though.  I am a huge fan of it and feel it is a critical component of the dog.

Here is what Thom thinks about Pinks...

"Pink’s is easily the most famous Hot Dog stand in Los Angeles and is probably ranked in the Top 5 throughout the US. Located in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, Pink’s sits near the corner of La Brea and Melrose. It is easily spotted due to the ridiculously long lines of people waiting for their famous hot dogs. Pink’s customer base runs the gambit from smelly homeless guy (of which LA has plenty) to high profile celebrity.
I personally am not a huge fan of Pink’s. Don’t get me wrong, their chili dogs are amazing, but one drawback for me is the “snap” in the dog. For those of you who like that skin on their dogs, this is the place for you. The taste of even a plain dog is great, but the “snap” sensation weirds me out a little.
They have a wide variety of dogs you can order and are reasonably priced (under $5 a dog). And with the oversized dog sitting in fresh, warm, soft bun, you really can’t go wrong. The taste of even a plain dog is great. For those of you who consider yourselves hot dog connoisseurs, I recommend checking out Pink’s. Even if you aren’t, it’s one of those places you have to try once in your life just to say you did. My personal recommendation for a great hot dog and an even better experience, if in the Chicago area, is a small place called the Weiner’s Circle. The theme of this place is to be pretty much as rude as possible (without crossing any lines). For example, cursing and put-downs directed at the staff is encouraged, but be prepared to get some shit fired right back at you."
- T$
Pink's Chili Dog compliments of Flickr, not T$.


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