Friday, December 11, 2009

Thumann's Hot Dogs (Boiled)

Hot dogs are probably in my top three favorite foods.  I loved them when I was a kid, and I love them now.  I even incorporated hot dogs into my best man speech for my older brother.  Thumann's is my second favorite hot dog, behind my all time favorite, a Sabrett natural casing hot dog, but only when it is boiled.  When dirty water dogs aren't available, the next best thing is a Thumann's.   A Thumann's dog is best prepared on the girll, second on a griddle, but never split!, and lastly boiled.  Since they were frozen I figured the best way to cook them would be boiled with a New England style bun.  Don't worry, there will be a post in the future about the grilled Thumann's. 

I decided to dress them with some spicy brown mustard and dill relish.  I don't mess with sweet relish.  I hate sweet relish, and I hate bread and butter pickles.  Dill relish makes all the difference.  If you prefer sweet, I feel bad for you.  Also, if the string happens to still be left on where the link was tied off, I won't waste time taking it off, I will just take it down with my first bite.  I feel it adds character. 

If you have never had a Thumann's hot dog, I suggest you try one.  I know they are hard to find in stores, but they are very popular in New Jersey.  You used to be able to get them at BJ's Wholesale Club, but I am not sure if they still carry them.  You should be able to get them at any deli that carries Thumann's coldcuts.  My dad happens to know a guy who has a Thumann's truck, so these great dogs are never hard to find at my house.

- Lunch Pail
Naked.  Notice the string on the top right.

Dressed with Brown Mustard and DILL Relish w/ a side of Bush's Baked Beans topped with Franks Hot Sauce, Ketchup, and Grey Poupon.  Don't mind the relish drip.


  1. Nothing can beat Hoffman hot dogs from Syracuse but these look a close second.

  2. They are even better when they are gilled. I will provied a post about them grilled in the next month or so.

  3. I will grill up some Hoffman dogs and challenge you. I'll even grill a snappy/coney to shake it up.