Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swanky Franks - Norwalk, CT

Here is a post that I had submitted to the Sandwich Mansion a few months back from a classic Norwalk, CT spot that I wanted to share...

These are two dogs from Swanky Franks in Norwalk, CT.   This place is pretty small, almost like an old school diner cart.  There is a bar with about 10 stools that you can sit, or there is a small room with a few booths.  I sat at the bar and was able to watch the guy cook everything that people were ordering.  The servers were friendly and the food was made to order and was prepared rather quickly.  I reccomend this to anyone and will definately be back myself.  It is hard to compare to the famous Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, CT because the styles are different.  SDW splits and grills their dogs, while Swanky's leaves them whole and deep fries them.  You do have the option to split and grill though.  Although these are good and I like them better than Super Duper Weenie, they are not as good as a nice Sabrett dirty water dog with cooked onions and mustard.

Swanky's dogs are deep fried and sit on toasted buns, which makes any grilled or fried dog even better. It is nice they stick to the rule.  Grilled/fried dogs should be on a toasted bun, boiled dogs should be on a steamed bun.  On the left you have a chili dog with brown mustard and raw onion. It is a great chili with no beans, great spices, with a little bit of kick. The second is a dog with Swanky's hot mustard relish, with a little extra relish for good measure. The hot mustard relish is a condiment they have at the bar to add to your dog as you want.  The sweet relish is a nice compliment to the spicy mustard. In between bites I was pounding a nice order of chili fries."

- Lunch Pail

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