Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hank's Franks - Lodi, NJ

One of the reasons I have started this blog was because my dad was always amazed how Serious Meat and I can talk about food non-stop.  After a month of enjoying the blog, he could no longer resist, especially with it being hot dog week, he finally submitted a post.  Granted it is not a "live" post, but he scoured the internet and did a review of what he, Matt Scalo, myself, and any other Hank's patron beleive to be the best hot dogs ever...Hank's Franks in Lodi, NY off of Rte. 46.

All of my brothers grew up hearing stories about this place and how Joe Sr. use to crush a dozen dogs after football practice.  Since he went to Hackensack High School, it was easy for him to go to this place as often as he did.  I rember the first time we went when we were little kids, it was a damp Saturday in the fall and had the same feeling as I did on Christmas morning before my parents woke up.  Let me tell you, these dogs held up to my dad's hype.  They are the classic Sabrett Natural Casing Beef hot dogs, served push cart style, which are boiled, or as Serious Meat calls them, 'dirty water' dogs.  These are the real deal, not like some of the jo-jitsu carts in the city that just use the Sabrett umbrella and serve crap. 

If I remember correctly, I went with the hot italian onions and mustard on one dog, and chili and mustard on the 2nd, with an ice cold root beer.  I have not been back since, but I think I will be relatively soon.  I highly reccomend this place, even to vegetarians.  Enough of what I have to say, lets hear how Joe Sr. feels about Hank's....

"Well , Hanks Franks buy 8 get 1 free!! Great toppings , kraut, hot italian onions, sweet onions, relish, potatoes, hot chili sweet chili, texas , chile cheese hot or sweet , with or w/o raw onions.  Any combos of toppings available.  Back in highschool after practice, I often went 2-3 times a week.   Sarted with 9 , usaully ate a dozen.  They have great ice cold orange aid, which tastes like Snapple Orangeaid.   The dogs are boiled street cart style and are done to perfection , never split open and always snapped when bitten.  Rolls perfectly steamed , nice and soft like just out of oven.  Best Sabrett dogs in Jersey if not anywhere."

- Joe Sr.

This place is a gem.  Notice the sign, 'Buy 8, get 1 free"

Chili and Cheese done right.  Ill take the cheese slop over cheese slices any day on my dog.  Notice the 3 layers, brown Mustard, Chili, Cheese Slop.

Texas Chili Dog.  Brown Mustard and Chili.

Hot Italian Onions.

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