Monday, December 7, 2009

Jalette Family Lunch - Super Duper Weenie - Fairfield, CT

BG has made some serious progress since his debut Texas Pizza post and his sub par trip to Chicago.  For his efforts his post will kick off Hot Dog Week.  Don't worry, hot dogs will continue to be posted beyond this week, it is one of my favorite things to eat and limiting it to one week would be wrong.   
I have been to Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield and it is a great place.  I like how BG went with the New Yorker.  The hot dogs are very good, they offer great toppings and the staff is friendly.  HITB dropped a full soda on the floor the last time we were there and no one got mad at him.  They just pointed and laughed at him and then some 5 yr old kicked him in the shin.  It was classic.
I am sure I will have a post about Super Duper Weenie in the future, and I encourage all of you to post about places or items that have already been posted because everyone has their own opinions,  likes and dislikes, and most places serve more than the item that was highlighted on the blog.  Keep submitting your stuff, no matter if it has been done before and enjoy the first of what I hope to be many themed weeks!

"Hit up the Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, famous in its own right but made even more famous by its appearance on “Diners Drive-Ins and Drives” which is a personal favorite of the BG. Brought the whole family there on Black Friday (we didn’t host Thanksgiving at my house, so there were no delicious leftovers) on the way to the Norwalk Aquarium. Went with my sister Ashley, her Husband Jeff, their son Ryan or Baby Gorilla, and Mom and Dad. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and said the hot dogs were good but there wasn’t much love for the spicy relish. Either way, we all got the classic dogs they have at the weenie, 2 orders of their fries and a bunch of Boylan sodas.
I personally went with a New Englander and a New Yorker. The New Englander has Sauerkraut, Bacon, Mustard, Sweet Relish & Raw Onion while the New Yorker has Sauerkraut, Onion Sauce, Mustard, & Hot Relish. The New Englander was good, the bacon is a hidden gem and raw onions should go on every hotdog. The New Yorker is very good too, while I am not a big sauerkraut or relish fan most of the time, Super Duper makes all of their ingredients by hand and they are phenomenal. The 2 orders of fries were delicious, just the right amount of salt and pepper on them, and Boylan sodas are very good, my mom raved about the Black Cherry soda. My family also ordered the Dixie and Georgia Red Hot, both highly praised. Check out all their deliciousness here: Super Duper Weenie"
- BG 
New Yorker on the Left, New Englander on the Right

Couple orders of fries and a Boylans Black Cherry chaser.


  1. Did you see the Stern's recent Danbury, CT hot dog post? You are probably already big fans; Jan and Michael Stern are CT residents and famous (NPR, Gourmet Magazine) for their love of fast foods with local flavor . . .

  2. Hey Zoe,

    Thanks for the link. I actually never heard of the Stern's, but now I know. Feel free to submit your favorite dog in honor of Hot Dog Week.

  3. I recently had an excellent chorizo experience. Does that count?

  4. I have been getting a few questions about brats, sausages, and chorizo if they count towards hot dog week. I am debating it, but even if it doesn't qualify, submit it and it will be posted once HDW finishes. It looks like there will need to be a sausages week in the future.