Friday, December 4, 2009

The Healthy Italian

New Job, but the same old sandwich.  Here is the lunch Mike Lungariello enjoyed on his third day at his new job.  He has had this sandwich many times before from A&S Deli in Norwalk, CT, but I am sure it hasn't ever tasted as good as it did the other day.  Things always seem better during the start of a new job.  Mike named this sandwich comprised of Broccoli Rabe, Grilled Chicken, and Hot Peppers on a Hard Roll the "Healthy Italian".  Unlike most Italian sandiwiches, this sandwich is not packed with salt, fat, and cholesterol (basically everything that makes anything taste good). This is a great sandwich, I have had it a few times with grilled chicken, but usually opt for sausage and brocolli rabe combo.  What caught my attention was the hard roll.  In my past experiences at A&S Norwalk, the round rolls they provide are the knot rolls,  This is a true hard roll with a nice crust and not too doughy inside.  Like I have said before, the bread makes the sandwich, and that looks like some good bread.

He was the sandwich down with a diet Manhattan Special which is an espresso flavored soda found in most Italian Deli's.  If you have never had it, try it the next time you see it.  I like the Manhattan Special Vanilla Cream soda over the espresso flavored.

Good looking hard roll.  Can't get too healthier than this.

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