Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crif Dogs - New York, NY

"HOW 'BOUT THEM HOTDOGS?!"  I don't know what makes me happier, a Giants victory over the Cowboys, or a good hotdog. Give me both at the same time, and it's game over.

Now, I've had many a hotdog in my life. I've done all types of dogs from 3rd grade North Main cafeteria frank to the 10 dogs in 10 minutes from this joint in New Jersey (Big ups to Bill Malloy) to the Dirty Water dogs of the NYC streets. Basically, I'm an experience frankfurter fanatic, so you can believe that what I'm about to tell you is legit:

Crif Dogs. What? Real talk, the BEST hot dog you will ever have the pleasure of putting in your mouth, period. The proprietors of Crif Dogs insist on deep-frying their wieners in great bubbling vats of oil. The result is a shiny, nearly glowing hot dog that bursts with rich flavor, which you can purchase for a few dollars in satisfying Philly-cheese-steak form (smothered in melted cheese and onions) or topped with slices of fresh avocado and bacon, like a BLT.

Although those tickled my fancy a little bit, they didn't jump off the menu like Lebron. However the two that brought it home with a between the legs, blindfolded, backflip dunk were a dog wrapped in bacon, smothered with chili, slaw, and sprinkled with jalapenos for a little extra punch in the face. Lucky #2 was a dog wrapped in bacon with cheese and a fried egg. I also had a vanilla shake, an order of tots (may have had some cheese melted on them), and heart attack before I even left the place.

If you are ever in the city, any borough I don't care how far the trip is, you cowboy up and head to 113 Saint Marks Place and give yourself a good dog, a happy stomach, and a handful of memories.

Pleasant Meating,

Serious Meat

Speechless.  See above for the details

Nice batch of Tots smothered in cheese


  1. I got chest pains just from reading this. Well done Serious Meat.

  2. Well done meat. Great food with outstanding narration.

  3. When it comes to hot dogs, I fell like less is more. The bacon and egg seem a little overkill.