Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mrs. Wood's Swedish Meatballs - Anderrson's - Stockholm, Sweden

Here is an entry sent in by Tom "The Hammer" Aspinwall, all the way from Stockholm, Sweden.  Not sure if he was there on business or pleasure, but it is nice to see he had the blog in mind while enjoying his Euro Trip.  Looks like he went with the standard in Sweden, the Swedish Meatball.  I wonder if these are the same recipe that Tiger's wife used to make him?

Swedish Meatballs are a great cocktail food, I never thought to have them as a meal.  I am a fan of them, although they often make me gassy, kind of like the pineapple served by D-Hall at JMU, HIYOOOOOOOOO!

Traditional Swedish meatballs, potatoes, lingenberry sauce and gravy from Anderrsons in Stockholm, Sweden

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  1. Harry in the BlindDecember 18, 2009

    Stockholm, can get the same meal at IKEA on Rt 17 in Hackensack-ack-ack-ack-ack. looks good though