Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tabouli Grill - Stamford, CT

Here is a lunch review submitted by our good friend BG who decided to go for an ethnic lunch the other day.  I grabbed a menu from this place and noticed it looked good and was very similar to Layla's Falafel.  I looked it up on line and read mixed reviews about it, but BG seems to like it.  Then again, should we trust a man that likes dating women with adventerous tastes?  Based on the pictures I say it looks good also, except the steak sandwich looks like it might be a little dry.  I will check this place out the next time I pick up or drop off my dry cleaning on the weekend.  Until then, we can take BG's word for it.

"I was in the office the other day with Linda's son, Peter the gut, Officer Pergola, Mama Jammmmmmma (aka Carissa Gagne) and the Mini Cadillac - aka John Stofka who is half Cuban. We ventured out to tabouli grill on High Ridge Rd. and it was lovely. Bg had the chicken shnitzel with rice, Mama Jammaa had a trio of pita dips (hummus labna and babaganoush), linda's son had a Greek salad and the other 3 got steak sandwiches. Definitely a good place to bring a date who is a little adventurous with her taste."

- BG

BG's Chicken Shnitzel.  Never knew German food was Middle Eastern.

Carissa's trio of dips.

Pepin's Greek Salad, looks similar to what I used to feed my pet rabbit.  Not sure how a grown man can survive on that.

Middle Eastern Steak Sandwich.


  1. Lunch Pail- BG has a good taste. I don't know where you saw "mixed reviews?" I have heard nothing but great things about Tabouli Grill and for good reason. It is really good. The only unfortunate thing is the word is out and there has been a wait the past few time I went with friends. You can always go solo and grab a seat at the bar.

  2. I was never questioning BGs taste. I just heard mixed things about the place. Like that it is expensive for the amount of food you get. I will definately be trying it to see how it compares to layla's. There will actually be another post about toubouli within the next two weeks. Our buddy peyton manning is currently drafting it.

  3. The most expensive entree is $18 and that is for very good lamb. With a nice atmosphere, good location, beer/wine and waiter service, I don't think that is $$$.

  4. I was just commenting on reviews that I read when I heard about the place. Expensive to some people is cheap to others. Reviews are based a person's on opinion, not fact.

    Happy Holidays.

  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    I am John Stofka, and I am sure I was NOT there