Monday, December 21, 2009

Dinosaur BBQ - Syracuse, NY

Scott Rosman took Lunch O'Clocks V-Card with the blog's first BBQ post.   Looks like Scott and his lady enjoyed a nice lunch at Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, NY.  I used to work with a kid that would rave about this place and even saw their sauce for sale at a Wal-Mart up in Lake George, but never had the chance to eat their BBQ.  By the pictures and clean plate the food seems to be awesome.  I wonder how it compares to the BBQ served south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Even if the BBQ isn't as good as advertised, you can quickly forget about the food after a few pints of that 9% beer.  As my Uncle Vinny would say, "Stay off the sidewalks!"

Scott Rosman ladies and gentlemen...

"It was a cool winter morning and we had one thing on our minds... delicious barbecue. So we packed the car with rations for the hour and a half ride to Syracuse NY to our favorite BBQ spot... Dinosaur BBQ. We started at the bar with a few pints of Pumking, a 9% pumpkin ale made by the Southern Tier Brewery. The sweet pumpkin taste goes down silky smooth, but that 9% alcohol content reminds you that this beer is legit. Once seated we went right for the swag sampler plate, equipted with spicy shrimp, wings, deviled eggs, and green fried tomatoes, a BBQ must. The main course Tres Hombre--- A spirited serving of Bar-B-Que pork, Texas beef brisket (sliced) & Bar-B-Que ribs, absolutly to die for. Worth the drive, even though we had to drive home with out belts one hole looser."


Scott and his lady friend knawing on some ribs.

Tres Hombre. Ribs, Pork, Brisket, Mac n' Cheese, and Mashed Potatoes.

Food must have been terrible.  Nice use of the Moist Toilettes.  Did he eat the bones?


  1. I dont know how it compares to the original in syracuse, but there is a dinosaur BBQ (franchise?) in harlem. Amazing food there are a huge fan of their honey creole sauce.

  2. Harry in the BlindDecember 21, 2009

    Nice post did the pumking ale sit with the tres hombres and the deviled eggs. You're a brave man....we're gonna need to get a dog and deli post from Abe's Hot Dogs in Kingston..


  3. Scott - I knew you could maange, but damn...