Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Krazy Jims Famous Blimpy Burger - Ann Arbor, MI

Casey "The Snooch" Todd took a break from Rock Band and the rest of his gaming systems and went to the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game a few weeks ago in Ann Arbor, MI.  decided to go to Krazy Jim's the night before the game.  Seems like the Snooch was unimpressed and the burger did not meet expectations.  The real shame in all of this is that the Snooch actually knows what a half of a HJ is like and was able to compare it to something.

Here is what the Snooch had to say about the Blimpy Burger...

"I was told Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger was the best burger joint in Ann Arbor, MI. They were featured on the food network series Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy was very wrong. When we arrived at the Krazy Jim’s the line was already out the door and took us a half hour to get inside. Finally after 1 hr of waiting we got to order our food and there are a multitude of choices to make for toppings and the amount of patties you can choose. You can choose toppings like egg, salami, banana peppers, and feta cheese and so on. The patties are very small so you need to order at least three to come close to filling up your stomach. When you order you need to be very specific or this old bat starts yelling. It’s a very stressful situation! Finally I ordered a triple with bacon salami egg on a plain roll with mayo tomato and onions along with some steak fries. I did not enjoy the burger at all, the only thing I could taste was the grease from the grill. I compare this joint to a half of a hand job, big build up no finish."

- The Snooch
The fries are pail and for three patties the burger looks pretty small.  Thumbs down.

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  1. I was there earlier this year and I wanted the lady on the grill to die.....she was the most annoying human I've ever encountered. Agreed that it is overrated.