Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shiki Hibachi - Stamford, CT

Here is a hibachi review from Will the Thrill.  Will likes the finer things in life, and expects the best from everything he comes across.  Looks like his most recent visit to the local hibachi restaurant was below the Thrillwald Standard of Excellence.

"Last friday I had a chance to visit a novelty hibachi place that I had only been once before. I use the term "novelty" as it is more about the show then the quality of service. This had been one of my favorite spots in the past, however after the visit on friday I dont think I will be returning. Shiki hibachi on hope street the first time around was a fun show, decent food, great prices for hibachi, and exceptional service. My visit this past friday however was a half-assed attempt at what appeared to be the end of a slow day, and poor quality as well. As with most hibachi restaurants, it's all about who your chef is. In this instance our chef seemed bored with his usual routine of hiding the egg in his hat, pretending to spray soy sauce with a fake bottle, and tossing shrimp to his diners. We got broccoli tossed instead of shrimp. Of the 6 diners present 3 had their orders of fried rice mistaken for white rice, ruining the dining experience in my opinion, as fried rice should be prepared by the hibachi chef, not the back kitchen. Service otherwise was par, however in the past they had given free deserts or sides thanking us for our patronage, I emphasize in the past. The mushroom soup was very good and ginger salad dressing was decent as well. While the prices are still quite reasonable ($16 for a chicken hibachi dinner w/ white rice (fried is $3 extra)), the value was absent. Steer clear of this place in the future, I highly recommend Sakura in westport for a much higher quality meal."

- Thrillwald

Thrill's hibachi chicken.  Looks decent, not sure what the deal with the fork is though.  Using a fork in a chopstick atmosphere says a lot about a man.


  1. A complaint left out, never was I offered or saw any chopsticks available.

  2. Whose fork is this? Not my fork, not my problem.


  4. It was better with the previous owners.