Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is in response to J-Rod's BEST SANDWICH IN STAMFORD post.

I had to run a few errands during lunch today so I figured I would stop and get a chicken parm sandwich from Rinaldi's in Stamford since it seems to be all the rave.  I was very excited to finally get to eat it and my expectations were sky high.  As unwrapped the white paper and foil away from the sandwich my heart sank.  I was expecting charred bread with lots of red sauce and cheese pouring out of the sandwich, but what I saw was lightly brown bread with a little glimpse of chicken parm peaking out.  When I seperated the sandwhich in half it was the same disappointment.  Not saucey mess that J-Rod experienced.  My sandwich was kinda dry, with minimal cheese, and the chicken was a little tough, not that it stopped me from finishing it or anything.  It was a decent chicken parm.

Not sure if this was a result of a busy lunch hour and they rushed my sandwich, or the person that made mine does not have the same appreciation for sandwiches as they person who crafted J-Rods.  As Phil #14 once said, "Consistency in sandwiches is a mark of a good deli."  As a result of my experience today, I cannot declare the Rinaldi's Chicken Parm as the "Best in Stamford", sorry.

- Lunch Pail

My sandwich on 12/23/09.  This is not what I expected of a Rinaldi's Chicken Parm.


J-Rod's Chicken Parm from Rinaldi's on 12/12/09


  1. wow im sorry to hear this news. I have had this sandwich over a dozen times and have yet to have a bad experience. Could have been the busy lunch hour, but there should be no excuses in the sandwich community.

    Its a dark day for rindaldis...lunch pail has spoken

  2. gotta be honest...that bread looks wet and excuses here, i am very upset because i was looking forward to trying this out.

  3. YUMMO! This is great. I'm now your loyal follower. One of these days when you have a minute, come and see my blog. I'd be proud and honored to have you as a friend/follower. Happy New Year, Keri (aka Sam)