Friday, December 11, 2009

CC&B Hot Dog- Garden Catering - Downtown Stamford

Met up with Keary and Koutroubis the other day for some lunch at Garden Catering at their Downtown Stamford location and decided to try their hot dogs.  Keary put his order in first, a Chili, Cheese, and Bacon dog.  Without hesitating, Koutroubis followed up with an "I'll have the same".  I took an extra second or two and decided to go with a classic dog, spicy mustard and relish. 

Like most dogs in Stamford, these were split and grilled on the flat top.  Boo.  Also, it seems that the buns may have been toasted, but since there were wrapped up so tight in foil, the heat of the dog ended up steaming the bun, which ruined the grilled bun.  Rather than a nice toast, it was more or less a soggy mush.  I am sure the liquid of the relish helped the sogginess along.  Relish or not, Keary thought the buns weren't toasted at all.  I too thought they were seemed, but after a second look at the pics, you can see a little chare on the bun.  On a positive note, the dog itself was pretty good, decent snap, and a nice bun to dog ratio.  As of right now, this is probably the best hot dog I have yet to have in Stamford.

Let's see what Keary and Koutroubis had to say about their dogs....

"Crisp Dog…bun could’ve been toasted, good chili, good bacon (inconsistent considering that PK’s had about ½ lb. of Bacon and I had a few bacon bits…overall worth the $2.75."
- Joseph Keary, aks H.I.T.B

"It was DD...Delicious and Dirty at the same time, it also left my lips with a slight tingle."
- Peter Koutroubis

Keary's Chili, Cheese, and Bacon Dog on the Left, My Classic Mustard and Relish Dog on the Right.

Chili, Cheese, and Bacon Dog.  Peter took it an extra step with some Honey Mustard and BBQ Sauce.

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