Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I dedicate this post to Mr. Charles Heuchling, a great soccer coach and even better human being.  At his daughters wedding, he had a personal waiter follow him around with a platter of Piggies and is considered a legend in the Pigs in a Blanket Community.  This ones for you Charles.

In my opinion, the greatest finger food of all time is Pigs in a Blanket.  You can easily pop then in your mouth in one shot and no napkin is usually required.  These are much easier to eat than other finger foods because no plate is really required, there is no sticks or bones to worry about, and you can easly hold a few of them in one hand with a drink in your other hand not not look too awkward.  If people come up to you to shake your hand, just give them a pound and then open your fist to reveal a handul of piggies.  They will understand and immediately consider you a class act.  If you are real serious and don't want to deal with holding on to them or if you think they will run out before you get the chance to have seconds, you can just use the popcorn method, which is taking a handful and shoving them in your mouth at once.  I have personally used this method a few times and highly recommend it.

Piggies are a staple at most family holiday gatherings like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and they usually dont last for more than 8 minutes so you have to be quick to get them.  The pictures below are from this past Thanksgiving.  I crafted these babies from the finest ingredients, Pilsbury Crescent Roll dough and Nathans Cocktail Franks.  I always try to get Nathans as the first choice, but there have been a few times when only Hillshire Farms have been available.  Although they are still good, nothing compares to the Nathans.  Also, I never buy pre-made piggies in the frozen food section and I frown upon them.

If you feel that Pigs in the Blanket are not the best finger food, feel free to present your argument about what you think is.  Until then, Piggies are King of the finger food world!

- Lunch Pail

These little piggies went to the oven.

These little piggies didn't stand a chance.


  1. Good with Beer? Check.
    Good with Mustard? Check.
    Minimal Cleanup? Check.
    Smelly farts? Check. finger food.


  2. Snee,

    I love the rating system you use to determine the best finger foods.