Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NCC&B Hot Dog - Gexpro Cafeteria

John Stofka III decided to drop the name Mini Cadillac and take a bi-lingual approach as Johnny-Frijoles.  He also took on the Nacho Cheese, Chili, Bacon Ball Park Hot Dog lunch special at the Gexpro Cafeteria, which is a power move in itself.  I experienced corporate cafeteria hot dogs a few weeks ago, minus the nacho cheese and bacon, and I can only imagine how great Johnny Beans' lunch was.  Based on his review below, they don't seem half bad. 

"In what seems like a sign from the Weenie Gods, the Corporate Café at the Gexpro team location served Ball Park style Hot dogs during Hotdog Week. BG and myself (a fairly new poster to be here-in referred to as Johnny-Frijoles not Mini-Cadillac), saw this enticing offer on the special of the day menu and felt there was really no choice but to give the dogs a try. Pepin, not sharing out sentiments ordered a deli sandwich and with Bringham not in attendance this left BG and myself, once again, the true appreciators of a good hearty-meal. Two dogs smothered in nacho cheese, and bacon with a healthy side of fries and coleslaw, were included in the meal. The dogs weren’t bad, or at the very least were the best that could be expected as an offering from a corporate café mimicking an All-American past time. An abundance of grease and a lack of a good solid beer to wash this all down with meant that sometime around mid after-noon our stomachs were sure to slow our productivity. Some-time about half-way through the second dog we began to realize, this would about be the time Bringham would be scraping the bacon off his dogs and filling up on his coleslaw with a plastic utensil and his presence was missed."


Nacho Cheese, Chili, and Bacon Hot Dogs from the Gexpro Cafeteria.

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