Saturday, December 12, 2009

Galloping Hill Inn - Kenilworth, NJ

Snee decided it was neccessary to make a trip to his home state of New Jersey to meet his mom for dinner in honor of Hot Dog Week at what he believes to be the best hot dogs ever.  Bold statement by Snee, and it is not the first time he has made such claims of "the best ever".  2 great examples, the Buffalo Wings at the Ye Olde Rathskeller in Clarke, NJ, which he claimed to be "the best ever" and the Corned Beef Hash from Crossroads Diner in Harriman, NY, also which claimed to be "the best ever".  I ate the wings from the Rat and was greatly dissapointed, especially after the years of boasting how great they were.  They might have been as good as the frozen TGI Friday's wings that can be bought in the super market.  His reply to my disgust of the wings was that I didn't get the good ones and they serve different wings on Sundays for the games.  As for the hash, I never had it, but Serious Meat took Snee up on the offer and joined him one morning for breakfast and as expected, Serious Meat was not impressed.  He gave it an average hash rating. 

I will say this though, these hot dogs do look awesome and I think I will take Snee's word that they are really good, but I cannot award them the best ever until I try them. 

Here are Snee's thoughts....

"The Galloping Hill Inn...I've been going to this place since I needed a booster seat to reach the top of the table. Located at Kenilworth, NJ's famous "5-Points", a busy intersection that has caused more deaths than an Asian tsunami, it's a popular lunch spot due to the large pharmaceutical company down the street as well as a having other pretty big factories in the area. It's been through a lot of changes throughout the years...the decor is different...younger waitresses, (which isn't a good thing, they used to have old ladies that were awesome and always remembered you, now they have 20-something Jersey girls that barely earn their $3 tip)...and they've added an outdoor section which is nice during the warmer months. But the thing that remains a constant are their hot dogs. They've been voted NJ's Best by the New York Times for a reason...I think they're the perfect dog.

Thursday night I had 2 with mustard, onions, and chili...which I believe is the way hot dogs were made to be eaten. They have great "snap" factor...not too much...not too little, but obviously cooked on a flat top grill, not boiled, not fried...DEFINTELY not split, that's ridiculous. The dogs are a bit longer than the bun, but not by too much where your first bite is all dog. The buns are a hybrid between traditional hot dog buns, and hoagie rolls. This adds to their greatness as the toppings don't get a chance to spill out onto your plate, they are fully contained in the bun. And if anything DOES happen to spill out...they have amazing crinkle cut fries that are perfect for scooping the remainder. The rest of their food there is pretty decent, and the bugers are awesome, but there's a reason they have a hot dog in the middle of there sign, it's what they're known for.

If you're ever on your way back from the shore, stop at exit 138 and make a right...I promise you won't be dissapointed. "

Galloping Hill Store Front.

Chili Dogs on two catchers mits.  Crinkle cut fries are key.

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