Friday, December 18, 2009

Sauce Does BW3's

Another thumbs up performace by Tom "Sauce" Homestead at Buffalo Wild Wings during the Giants - Cowboys game two weeks ago.  On behalf of all Giants fans, I would like to thank Sauce, who has a passion for the Jets and the Sanchise,  for rooting for the G-Men during a must win game.

Here is the email I received from Sauce the Monday afternoon following the game.  Even though though he did not provide a picture, I had to post this because of his solid performance.  15 beers, 25 wings, and a burger with onion rings and pulled pork is a worthy post without pictures.  For those of you who may doubt that Sauce actually did this, I will gladly vouch for him and admit this seems like a some what light meal for Sauce compared to some of the blockbusters he was apart of at JMU.

"Big Country -
I don't know if this is post worthy or not because I didnt take a picture, but I did have a pretty impressive day at bdubs yesterday for the giant game:
For starters I had to have had 15 budlight pints
25 wings as appetizer - mixed between spicey garlic, hot bbq, hot, and carribean jerk.
Usually I'm not one blow up franchise burgers, but I will make an exception for this. I got the big jack daddy burger and it was awesome. chedder cheese burger with pulled pork and onion rings on top.
I also got to see the giants beat tony homo and the cowgirls which was almost as good as watching tim tebow ball his eyes out saturday.
I just felt I had to give some material to big country even though it was not hot dog related.
when is wing week??"
- Sauce
I will give a one time pass, as a result of his performance, to Sauce on forgetting to to take pictures due to the pints of Bud Light. I was able to find these on Flickr.  From left to right, Spicy Garlic Wings, Big Jack Daddy Burger, Carribean Jerk Wings.


  1. All of this without a heart attack. Impressive.

  2. Sauce does nothing, I'm not impressed what so ever.