Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye Stadium, Goodbye Playoffs....

It was a 1 o'clock game on Sunday so we arrived at the parking lot to start tailgating around 8:45.  Do to the early start, the tail gate was based around breakfast and jungle juice.  Through out the morning I was intaking a steady stream of the juice and if I had known how bad the game would have turned out I would have drank much more. 

To start things off, Snee broke out the BLT dip and George and Joe cooked up some pancakes with bacon in them, followed up with some bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, with potatoes and hot peppers.  Delicious.  Next came the breakfast pizza from Jay's Deli in Central Valley, NY.  One was sausage egg and cheese, the other bacon, egg and cheese.  As there was no sauce on the pizza, I had to add some ketchup.  One again, delicious.  After about an hour break, other snacks started floating around, a Jersey Mike's sandwich platter, chips, and some stromboli.  Then George and Joe started the italian hot dogs, and cheesesteaks shortly after that.  The hot dogs had great flavor and snap and were topped with the same potatoes as the egg sandwiches.  The cheesesteak was covered in cheese and grilled onions.  Both delicious.

The good thing about the way these guys tailgate is they serve small portions, basically halves of everything.  Half hot dogs, half cheese steaks, half egg sandwiches.  This is good for two reasons, one, everyone gets to have some, they do not promote glutony, and two, you can try some of everything without feeling bloated and disgusting. 

By the time we were heading into the game I had a nice base of food in the belly and I drank enough juice to feel great.  I wasn't sloppy, but had the feeling I was floating on a pool raft, my body was in complete relaxation.  Then disaster struck!

Panthers - 41  Giants - 9.

- Lunch Pail

Ticket stub from the last Giants game at the stadium and the worst game that I have ever witnessed.

Breakfast Pizza w/ Ketchup

Italian Hot Dog on the Left, Cheesesteak on the Right.

Bacon Egg and Cheese with Potatoes


  1. FACT: That Bacon, Egg, and Cheese only had 1 less rushing yard than Brandon Jacobs.


  2. Fact: The Giants are a bunch of dooshers.