Monday, December 14, 2009


Jared Sunter, or J-Rod which is what he goes by on the streets, is a proud alumni of The James Madison University and was nice enough to take some time out of his day to share with us, what he believes to be the best sandwich in Stamford.  Pretty big statement for a first time contributor if you ask me, but I read what he had to say and by the looks of the sandwich it does look pretty good.  A great amount of chicken cutlet, smothered in sauce and oozing with cheese.  I also like how the chicken parm was baked with the bread (notice the char on the roll) and not seperate and then placed on the roll.  Having a hot sandwich on cold bread is a sin and it is nice to see Rinaldi's does it right.

I will give the nod for it being a great sandwich until I try it.  From personal experience, it might have trouble matching up with some of the Stanford sandwiches I had at Fratelli's Market and A&S.
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"After being a loyal follower from the start, I felt it was time I finally make a contribution to this fine site. What follows is me paying my respects to what I consider the best sandwich Stamford has to offer.

Now, in no way is Stamford considered the food capital of the Northeast, but it does have a few gold mines. Besides the obvious choices of Colony Grill and Garden Catering (which I will respectfully leave open for Sire Phil to describe), another oasis in the “City that Works” is Rinaldi’s Deli. This gem is located on the outskirts of what I refer to as Guadalastamford (the other side of the tracks). Everything I have had here has been delicious, but in particular, the Chicken Parm wedge here has become an important figure in my life. Anybody that knows the real J-Rod well knows that I am somewhat of a chicken parm expert, probably having chicken parmed in 15-20 states, and once a week on average since obtaining a drivers license (how I still stay so fit is a question for another blog). Through all this I have come to the realization that this little deli makes what I consider to be the best chicken parm wedge to date. The sauce, the cheese, the bread, the chicken….perfect. If anyone disagrees, please comment, I would love to hear where the competition lies."

Hide the vegetables under the placemat,
- J-Rod

Saucey, Cheesey, Sloppy Chicken Parm.  Looks awesome.

Jared Feasting. 


  1. Have some more chicken parm! I made it extra sloppy for ya!


  2. that looks awesome

  3. Is the Rinaldi's in Stamford the same as the Rinaldi's in Norwalk?

  4. I believe so....i think there is one in Greenwich too. I can only speak for the one in Stamford though.

  5. I entirely agree with this blog post however it has not paid appropriate respect to rinaldi's sauce which is the life blood of this sandwich.

    Hypothetically speaking, I would trade my first born child for even a left over half of Rinaldi's chicken parm.

    This statement will remain hypothetical because naturally no man or woman would ever leave half of this sandwich uneaten.


  6. That looks pretty awesome - good enough to move out there. You can't get anything like that in San Diego...the majority of italian food out here is pretty lousy compared to east coast.

  7. P.S., I like the XBOX controller in the background.

  8. We do have some good italian out here, but San Diego has better Mexican food and beaches. Feel free to submit some good San Diego spots.

  9. I just ate this sandwich for lunch today and it looked nothing like the one J-Rod ate for lunch. Post and picture to come.